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Engaging Hispanic/Latino
young adults in the U.S.
to grow as missionary disciples

Mission Statement

The V Encuentro Young Adult Hispanic Leadership Initiative (VEYAHLI) is an alliance of Catholic organizations and institutions that works closely with USCCB staff to expand and improve the formation of Hispanic/Latino young adults for leadership in Church and society in dioceses throughout the United States.

Vision Statement

VEYAHLI engages Hispanic/Latino young adults in the United States to grow as missionary disciples and respond generously to Pope Francis’ call to go forth as protagonists, bringing Christ into every area of human life. It is a multifaceted endeavor designed to meet the demands of leadership in the Church of the Twenty-First Century by promoting prophetic, transformational leadership in three ways:

Formation Program

Drawing from the best practices in pastoral leadership formation of the collaborating institutes and organizations to produce and implement a nationally accessible certificate program at the foundational level;


Creating a national accompaniment network for emerging Hispanic/Latino leaders in Catholic pastoral ministry

Resource Center

Developing an online resource center to connect young Hispanic/Latino leaders to pastoral ministry resources and formation opportunities that support them in ministry and build on their faith and cultural identity

Formation Program

The V Encuentro Young Adult Hispanic Leadership Initiative (VEYAHLI) Formation Program is both a call and a response to equip new generations of Hispanics / Latinos for leadership, creating a pathway toward lifelong ecclesial ministry and service in intercultural settings.

Following from the V Encuentro imperative to engage more young people and families, particularly second and third generation Hispanics / Latinos, this Formation Program is designed for emerging Hispanic leaders between the ages of 18 and 35. It will nurture commitment by strengthening their sense of identity and mission through a 150-hour program structured as ten 15-hour courses. Participants will have an opportunity to apply their studies toward an academic degree program in theology or pastoral ministry at one of the partner colleges or universities.


The Hispanic Young Adult Accompaniment Pilot Program is a project by VEYAHLI (V Encuentro Young Adult Hispanic Leadership Initiative) which was created as a direct response from what was heard during the V Encuentro.

Resource Center

The Online Resource Center will house: 

-Bilingual intercultural formation and pastoral materials for Hispanic/Latino young adult ministers

-Guides to opportunities for formation and scholarships

-A comprehensive inventory of resources for developing emerging Hispanic/Latino Young Adult leaders and those that serve them.